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A podcast about beer, bourbon, brewing, business, and lots of other things that start with B.  Prost!

Jun 24, 2022

Things that drive customers crazy, Chris and Tammy explain why, Jarod's stripper glitter, Kevin went to jail in Mexico, Chris brews beer he likes to drink

Jun 10, 2022

More from the Kentucky Trip, Castle and Key is cool, What would you say it is you do here, Treated like royalty

May 25, 2022

Trip to Kentucky for a Barrel Pick, Learning about different distilleries, Stubborn German House of Bourbon, Visiting where they make the barrels, Buying bottles, Jarod had a cocktail, Bacon salt is a must have

May 7, 2022

Kelly joins us to talk about things to do in Waterloo, Half-Krausened beer, City boy at the County Fair, Old Style everywhere, Large item pickup, Places to eat

Apr 23, 2022

Dan and Josh from the Ferm Homebrew Club bring in growlers of their latest batches, Remote from Kevin's garage, Getting ready for Beer B Que, Chris forgot to tell us