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A podcast about beer, bourbon, brewing, business, and lots of other things that start with B.  Prost!

Jul 29, 2021

Zac Hamilton of the Waterloo Municipal Band joins us to discuss the history and ins and outs of the Muny Band, find out about Chris's tuba from a famous Waterloo-ian, Tiptoe Through the Tulips tuba solo, and more

Jul 21, 2021

A Schnitt episode, Buffalo Trace flights on sale during Fair Week, Some new beers on tap, Chris and Tammy are part of the Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association, Come on out and support the local fair AND your local businesses

Jul 16, 2021

Scott Wheatley is an old friend (and former Ferm V.P. and BWS member) who joins us to catch up with Chris, talk about his painting the brewery during construction, how Scott met Chris at one of his Brew Days, why Chris hates his Blueberry Wheat, a tank full of Spud Light, and Scott's Bourbon beer killed it!

Jul 1, 2021

Brad Keim joins us to discuss his artwork for the Stubborn German cans (and bathrooms and even the podcast), His work as the high school art teacher, painting the mural on the building, And beer pull tabs!