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A podcast about beer, bourbon, brewing, business, and lots of other things that start with B.  Prost!

Nov 2, 2023

Rick is back for some bourbon tasting, What is a barrel pick, Let's get in the Kubotas, Kind of a homeless vibe

Oct 19, 2023

Rick is back with Listener questions, Top Summer and Fall beers, What swag would be nice, Black Beer Friday, What beer is on tap, Water for Thanksgiving, Rick is fired, Walking sticks

Sep 15, 2023

Brent Tellor from Urban Chestnut joins us, The first rule of the FERM is..., What is the best Oktoberfest in STL, What is the STL beer scene like, Stepping on the cable

Aug 19, 2023

Steve and Adam are back, Nerding out on the bourbon industry, Can sourcing whiskey be as cool, Trying German whiskey, Stumpy's Barrel Aged Stout aged how long

Aug 5, 2023

Steve Nichols and Adam Stumpf talking bourbon, 430 bottles, How does Steve acquire new stuff, Does Chris spit or swallow, Adam has changes coming at Stumpy's, Picking the actual glass bottle