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A podcast about beer, bourbon, brewing, business, and lots of other things that start with B.  Prost!

Jun 3, 2021

Josh Perschbacher from Salty Sailor Canning joins us to discuss his American-Made Hero award!  On Saturday June 19th from 1-3 pm, Stubborn German will be hosting an event to celebrate Evan Williams Bourbon honoring Josh with the award, and a special edition bottle with his face on it!!  We discuss Josh's Vetwork...

May 20, 2021

Michael and Megan Pastor from Pie Hard Pizzeria join us to discuss their Die Hard-themed pizzeria, How they ended up in Waterloo, Kevin and Michael bond over cheese, The sound of Chris and Kevin eating a slice on the air, Yippee Ki Yay...

May 7, 2021

Keith and Betsy from Feather's Farm join us to discuss how they started their farm, It started with 10 chickens, What's in this bag of lettuce, and What's next for the Farm?

Apr 22, 2021

Dan Lutz, from the Brown Water Society, joins us to go over the in's and out's of enjoying bourbon.  We discuss what it's like to be a member, while trying different methods of sampling the latest Barrel Pick, Knob Creek Single Barrel -- the White Barn Pick!

Apr 8, 2021

Schoppe Fest and 5 year anniversary, Story of Old Ledger Lager, Can you come to the brewery if you know nothing about craft beer